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Welcome To RavishingGems!

Custom Artisan Jewelry And Gems
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Welcome to RavishingGems, your source for artisan jewelry unique specialty cut gems that make you stand out. 

When you walk around the mall and see a jewelry store, do you ever think that the root word for jewelry is jewel. We feel strongly that a beautiful piece of jewelry is centered by a beautiful jewel. That is what sets our jewelry apart. We hand craft the gems.
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 As time goes by, we will be showing more and more of our wearable art. It will be a departure from what you are used to seeing, a delight to the eyes and the imagination! You will see jewelry and  gems that are created in a way that you will never see in the big box retailer or the chain store. We use several techniques, among them, intarsia, special flat and concave faceting, custom made cabs, to make our wearable art pop!

This site is your gateway to the special

Do you want the  look that  everyone else has, or do you want the look that will set you apart and make everyone wonder where you found such a RavishingGem?
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Ask for Stephen Cravitz your RavishingGem Specialist!
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